Pools & Attractions

Swimming Pools

Provo Canyon River attraction

A relaxing pool with strong currents and undertows that carries swimmers past waterfalls, drop offs, and bridges. Grab a tube and let the river take you on a relaxing ride!

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provo beach wave pool

Don’t be fooled by the gentle demeanor of this pool; it can change at any moment into a surging mixture of opposing forces!  With gentle under currents and exciting wave sets, this pool is never dull.

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waterfall attraction in Provo

Watch the various activities centered around this relaxing attraction. Whether soaking behind the waterfall or swimming around, this is a great place to spend some time.

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Slides & Attractions

Water slide in Utah County

The Vortex is a gripping circular slide that whirls you around at an incredibly fast speed.

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Family attraction in Utah

Experience the light at the end of the tunnel as you plummet down a steep slope! 

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Summer fun in Orem Utah

A turbulent ride full of fun surprises around every corner… Followed by a large splash of course!

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Fun summer water slide

A rebounding half pipe that is accompanied by an adrenalin drop, as you slide back and forth.

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Rope swing in utah

Enjoy splashing into the refreshing 9-foot pool below from the exhilarating rope swing above.  

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splash summit attraction

A thrilling speed slide that has three great air-catching slopes that will send you soaring!

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Swimming pool for young children

This shallow pool features unexpected water sprays and a delightful little slide. Perfect for the little ones!

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fun things to do in Provo

A monster ride with three extreme drops and intense forces that create a high-speed adventure!

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tallest water slide in utah

Plunge from the top of our tower (over 70 ft in height), triggering a mind-blowing adrenalin rush.

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safe family activity in Utah

Expect the unexpected as this thrill ride takes you through a series of dark twists, turns, and drops! 

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snow slide in Utah

Race to the finish line on this 300-foot long eight-lane mat racer where riders challenge their friends to victory.

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Utah County Flash Flood

Get propelled with a rush of water, down a slide full of twists and turns – all ending in an incredible splash!

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