ShowUp Initiative

Show Up for Foster Care

Splash Summit Waterpark has teamed up with ShowUp for Foster Care, a First Lady of Utah initiative, to give back and support local Foster Families. Invited guests are welcome to join us on Saturday, August 19 from 10 AM to 6 PM! Admission, Tube Rental and Parking are included. Guests may park in the lower parking lot and walk across to the street to the Peaks Ice Arena outdoor pavilions to check in. Once checked in, guests will receive a wristband granting admission into Splash Summit Waterpark.

Splash Summit Sponsored Events

Foster Family Day Out
(August 19, 2023)

On Saturday, August 19, Splash Summit Waterpark, ShowUp for Foster Care and Utah Foster Care are coming together to throw a Foster Family Day Out at Splash Summit Waterpark from 10 AM to 6 PM. To participate in this event, click below.

About Show Up for Foster Care

Utah is home to some of the greatest parents the world has ever seen. With lives rooted in hard work and strong ethics, they’re raising up solid, resilient children who will form the backbone of Utah’s bright future. Outside these strong bonds, Utah is also home to less-fortunate children in dire need of our love and support – Utah’s foster kids.

With proper care and attention, we can give these beautiful and deserving children a chance for a bright and secure future. We need Utah’s parents to Show Up for Foster Children, extending their loving arms outward to guide, provide, and show empathy for these kids and for the families who open their arms to them. Utah can be the first state where no children are waiting to find loving homes.

About Utah Foster Care

Utah Foster Care’s mission is to serve Utah’s children by finding, educating and nurturing families to meet the needs of children in foster care. Thank you to the families and community members who Show Up for Foster Care through foster parenting, volunteering, donating and raising awareness!

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